Medical line

Doctor Babor Regenerative treatment

Intesive regenerative treatment for all skin types, especially tired and stressed skin, skin after cosmetic surgeries, acne cure etc.

Price: 1090,- Kč


Doctor Babor Collagen Booster Treatment

Exclusive treatment for skin with loss of elasticity and firmness

Price: 2250,- Kč



Doctor Babor Recountouring Treatment

Treatment for skin with wrinkles to redefine contours and boost volume. For a youthful-looking face oval and smoother firmer complexion

Price: 2250,- Kč


Doctor Babor Ultimate A16 Treatment

Spectacular skin renewal 16 times more effective than retinol. The treatment effectively reduces the first signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, loss of firmness, dryness and discoloration. It restores balance of the skin (exaggerated by the external factors) and gives it a radiant fresh look.

Price: 1490,- Kč


Doctor Babor Anti Couperose Treatment

Original treatment for couperouse skin. It reduces signes of couperouse and provides protection against its apperance. Treatment fights against red skin and supports even skin tone appearance.

Price: 1290,- Kč


Doctor Babor Hypersensitive

Especially designed for ultra-sensitive skin that has possible issues with rosacea and/or dermatitis, this treatment will help the skin calm and resume normal functions. The result is a fresh, clear and flawless look.

Price: 1190,- Kč


Doctor Babor Detox Treatment

Detoxifying treatment for tired, stressed skin in need of protection, rejuvenation and radiance

Price: 1290,- Kč